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Enterprise-class experiences, heightened close-up details

Conference calls etc.

Smartphones and tablets are transforming the way businesses operate and the ability to videoconference on the move is integral to their success. But with videoconferencing no longer limited to the boardroom, maintaining the high standards of image quality needed is becoming increasingly challenging due to varying light conditions, and close-up facial details are often lost as a result.

Using our patented image processing framework combined with our in-depth understanding of IR backlight and HDR image processing limitations, we are able to deliver the highest quality image standards needed for today’s videoconferencing applications. By dynamically fusing data captured from IR and RGB sensors, we can produce high resolution, artefact and noise free images smarter and more reliably than ever before.

Standard Autonomus vehicle camera image
Standard RGB webcam image
Spectral Edge Autonomus vehicle camera image
Spectral Edge webcam image with improved contrast and artefact free


Ensure highest image quality in all light situations

Heightened close up details in low-light situations

Enterprise-class videoconferencing experiences using low-cost camera components

Optimal use of IR lighting for enhanced subject/object detail

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