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Spectral Edge for surveillance and security

Heightened image quality in poor and low light situations

Capture clearer footage

Embedded cameras are central to surveillance and security systems. From the emergency services and law enforcement firms to home and business security, they all rely on the captured footage for identification and recognition.

Their current use of camera technology, however, means they are not always able to capture the levels of detail needed, particularly in low light situations such as dawn and dusk, and this can limit the effectiveness of the equipment.

Using our image processing framework and leveraging our understanding of visible and invisible light spectrums, we are able to produce the higher quality images needed for next generation security systems. Our image fusion technology combines data captured by RGB and IR (infra-red cameras) in real time to produce high resolution and artefact-free footage with extended periods of usable colours, smarter and more reliably than ever before.

Standard surveillance camera image
Standard surveillance camera image
Spectral Edge surveillance camera image
Spectral Edge surveillance camera image


Heightened image quality for longer periods of time

Artifact-free and noise-free image processing

Maintains high level image quality regardless of light conditions

Dynamically fuses RGB and IR data for extended periods of usable colour

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