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Clearer road vision in all conditions

Autonomous vehicles

Many vehicles already feature reversing cameras or dashcams to aid drivers. With the advent of autonomous vehicles, these cameras are becoming even more critical because if they’re not able to see effectively, then there are serious consequences at stake.

Driving conditions can be highly volatile and cameras must be able recognise road markings, break lights, indicators etc. in all situations, from mist and fog, to rain and bright sunshine.

Our breakthrough image processing technology has the potential to dramatically improve the effectiveness of these cameras by improving colour contrast for better visibility in poor weather conditions, or by recognising different objects, such as road markings, pedestrians, animals, sign posts or vehicle lights.

Standard Autonoamus vehicle camera image
Standard Autonomous vehicle camera image
Spectral Edge Autonomus vehicle camera image
Spectral Edge Autonomous vehicle camera image


Heightened detail

Clearer images in bright/poor light situations

Optimal use of IR lighting for enhanced subject/object detail

Helps improve road safety

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