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Our tech

With our tech in your camera we can reveal the hidden detail in every image

Embedded cameras

Embedded cameras are becoming a ubiquitous part of everyday living. They are finding their way everywhere and this is driving demand for higher image quality.

Not only are there more devices with built-in cameras coming onto the market, these devices increasingly feature multiple cameras, performing more and more complex functions.

Most high-end smartphones typically feature at least two cameras on the rear side, which are used for conventional photography, and one or two specialist cameras on the front side for targeted applications such as selfies, Facial ID, or video conferencing.

Camera lenses

Patented IP that combines visible and invisible imaging data

Imaging sensor

Using our patented IP and breakthrough image fusion capabilities we can make the most of the data captured by imaging sensors. We are able to fuse multiple images together and combine RGB and Infrared or thermal information in real time to produce clearer, sharper more detailed images.

In a world where computer imaging is becoming increasingly important, we have the knowhow to deliver better quality images for smartphones, displays, security systems, drones and driverless cars, smarter, faster and without introducing artifacts.

Image Style Transfer
Spectral Edge HDR

RGB IR fusion

Powering ground-breaking applications for multiple markets

Using our patented IP, we have the ability to dynamically fuse RGB and IR data in real-time without introducing artefacts. Any embedded camera preloaded with our image fusion technology can therefore harness this captured information to deliver better quality images for a range of applications.

RGB IR fusion diagram

RGB IR fusion in action:

Smartphones – selfies, beautification, landscapes
Smartphones – selfies, beautification, landscapes
Security /home surveillance

Security /
home surveillance

Webcams / video conferencing

Webcams /
video conferencing

Automotive – SDV’s, object identification, noise control
Automotive – SDV’s, object identification, noise control

Image Style Transfer

Grabbing the look of an image thumbnail

By creating a thumbnail version of any captured image and adjusting its visual elements to satisfy different output requirements, such as low light improvements, over exposure or colour correction, our innovative technology “steals the feel” of that thumbnail to produce a final, natural looking, artifact-free image with less noise and greater contrast.

RGB IR diagram

Spectral Edge HDR

Super-fast multi-exposure processing

We are able to dynamically fuse a series of smartphone images taken at different exposure levels and adjust the contrast ratios in real-time. HDR is a natural application of our image fusion capabilities because our software can automatically work out which elements are needed to produce the perfect picture that resembles what we would see naturally without introducing artifacts.

All or parts of our image fusion technology can be seamlessly incorporated into any image processing pipeline.

HDR diagram