Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

Anybody, except pro builders and people who haven‘t read this!

Is it global?

Yes and no, you can enter from anywhere in the world but if you want to transport the donor out of Europe that will be for you to do. There‘s nothing stopping you from setting up a temporary workshop within Europe if you‘re so inclined.

At my career stage do I qualify?

If you‘re an established builder who has already built numerous bikes of note then probably not, we‘re looking to bring someone into the spotlight, to boost a struggling artist, not massage the ego of someone who has already made it.

Who pays shipping costs if abroad?

You do if you‘re outside of U.K./Europe.

What exactly are you expecting me to submit?

Your vision; what you propose to build with our donor and budget. Be as specific as you can and include build methods, ideas, parts, timescale, financial forecast, proof of any previous work and we‘d like at least a sketch, don‘t worry if you‘re not an expert artist, we‘re not looking for a DaVinci, we simply want to see what you‘d do with our donor and we need to know if you can pull it off. There‘s nothing stopping you from mocking something up and filming it or even posting us a small model. Make your initial submission count as the rendering step of last year is no more.

Where does the donor come from?

We supply the donor. Please do not suggest we buy a donor in your country and have the finished article sent back, we understand the theory but we are supplying the donors for a reason; they are a known entity to us and if they are road legal bikes, they are U.K. registered; having a foreign registered bike adds hassle, time and cost at our end.

Will you increase the budget if my idea is worth it?

Please be aware of the budget before you submit your ideas; no matter how good your idea is we are not prepared to increase the budget for you, the budgets are there to push you to build the most incredible creation with a set amount of funding.

What are we being judged on?

The overall design, the styling, the physical and financial do-ability of the project and the big one; would we actually want this creation in our garage.

When is the lastest I can submit?

Submissions open on 6th of July and close on September the 7th. The deadline is absolute, I will not accept any submissions past midnight GMT on the 7th. We will privately communicate with the top contenders during September and announce the winners on the 4th of October. I expect to have all donors with the winners by November.

Where do we meet in September?

Unless you‘re literally next door we will probably meet over the phone.